14th Annual Asia Tax Forum 2019

News & Events

The 14th Asia Tax Forum, the premier event in the region for taxpayers, officials and practitioners, was held in Singapore on May 8th and 9th 2019. This year has seen significant change for international tax. With changes across the globe affecting businesses and tax environment in the Asia- Pacific Region, it is vital for tax professions to get ahead of the cross- border implications. Advancements on BEPs continue and implementation has started. The Asia Tax Forum looks ahead into the year whilst tax professionals advise on best practices. Moreover, technology has a huge impact on modern day. The digital economy has taken flight in recent years and discussions on taxing the digital economy is raising debate. The evolving tax environment makes it essential that tax executives in Asia and globally keep themselves informed of what might affect how they manage their company’s tax obligations. The Asia Tax Forum has become the best opportunity for tax leaders to meet and share experiences of dealing with tax issues.

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