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With the rise in wealth generation among Asian families over recent decades, Asian families are increasingly taking a more structured approach towards the consolidation, protection, and management of their family wealth. This has increased the demand for the structures for family offices, such as Single Family Offices (SFOs), Multi- Family Offices (MFOs), Managed Accounts, and Private Trusts, etc.

Singapore has distinguished itself as a prominent global financial services centre through its reputation, strategic location, stable government, robust tax and regulatory environment, and exceptionally efficient yet cost-effective legal and financial ecosystem. High Net Worth Individuals (HNIs), especially from the India and ASEAN regions, prefer Singapore as the jurisdiction for setting up their family offices for various reasons.

Dhruva Advisors Singapore assists Family Offices in achieving the commercial objectives in tax in an efficient as well as a compliant manner. The ‘Family Offices in Singapore’ document provides a concise synopsis on the various factors that play an important part in identifying a suitable structure for family offices.


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